the British terror bombings continued…British attacks, which were a violation of international law, resulted in the deaths of approximately 7,000 prisoners being shipped…When large numbers of corpses dressed in concentration-camp garb washed ashore…the British claimed the Germans had intentionally drowned the prisoners…

Churchill (right) was a war correspondent in the 2nd Anglo – Boer War: “The Boers treated POWs including Churchill with respect. Many were released, because adequate food could not be provided. The British stated to Boer mothers in concentration camps that if everyone died it wouldn’t matter. Thus more Boer boys and girls under the age of sixteen died in British concentration camps than all the fighting men killed by bullets and shells on BOTH sides in the course of the entire war…”.

Great Britain’s Uncivilized Warfare and Postwar Crimes

      World War II is often referred to as the “Good War,” a morally clear-cut conflict between good and evil.[1] The “Good War” is also claimed to have led to a good peace…[notorious for] the mass murder, rape and ethnic cleansing…continue reading here.