What Happened to Jews Not Gassed in the Aktion Reinhardt Camps?

Establishment historians state that all Jews sent to the Aktion Reinhardt camps of Treblinka, Belzec and Sobibor in Poland were exterminated. It is claimed that a handful of strong young Jews were temporarily spared to keep the camps running. All other Jews sent to the Aktion Reinhardt camps are claimed to have been immediately gassed upon arrival without registration.[1]

In his book Holocaust, historian Peter Longerich states that 1,274,166 Jews had been killed in the Aktion Reinhardt camps by the end of 1942. Longerich bases his statement on the fact that the Höfle telegram shows that this many Jews had been sent by then to the Aktion Reinhardt camps. Longerich assumes that every Jew sent to the Aktion Reinhardt camps was murdered.[2]

I have written an article explaining why the Aktion Reinhardt camps were transit camps rather than extermination camps.[3] I have been asked:

“If the Aktion Reinhardt camps were transit camps, where did the Jews not gassed in these camps go? Why isn’t there a mass of documentation proving that Jews were shipped to other locations outside of the Aktion Reinhardt camps?”

This article will answer these questions.


Screenshot_2019-03-23 Nazis Defied Laws of Nature To Gas Millions Vanish The Bodies True
Dramatic Hollywood movies are not evidence of ‘extermination’ camps. Defenders of the Holocaust story have sometimes used forensic archaeologist Dr. Caroline Sturdy Colls and her limited excavation work at Treblinka to prove that Treblinka was an extermination camp. An analysis of her work shows that she fails to prove that Treblinka was an extermination camp. Read more here.


The reason why documentation does not exist proving that Jews were transited out of the Aktion Reinhardt camps can be explained by examining the historical context. The following questions and answers are relevant:

  1. Who won World War II? Answer: The Allies.
  2. Who controlled all of the relevant documentation after the war? Answer: The Allies.
  3. Who claimed that Germany had a policy of genocide against the Jews? Answer: The Allies.
  4. Who could have destroyed the documentation relating to what happened to Jews during  the war?  Answer: The Allies.

The Soviet Union took control of Poland and the documentation related to the Aktion Reinhardt camps. We know that the Soviet Union engaged in many lies and deceptions concerning World War II. One of the best examples is the three witnesses at Nuremberg who testified that Germany was responsible for the mass execution of Polish officers at Katyn. Today everybody agrees that the Soviet Union and not Germany was responsible for the Katyn Forest massacres.[4]

There were multiple massacres in the Katyn Forest and other locations in 1940 resulting in the deaths of around 22,000 Poles. “In a final report released in 1952, the committee declared there was no doubt of Soviet guilt, and called the massacre “one of the most barbarous international crimes in world history.” It found that Roosevelt’s administration suppressed public knowledge of the crime, but said it was out of military necessity. It also recommended the government bring charges against the Soviets at an international tribunal — something never acted upon.” Source AP


Another example of Soviet deception is that the Soviets hid information that would enable an outsider to construct the reality of what was happening militarily in the Soviet Union at the beginning of Germany’s invasion on June 22, 1941. Viktor Suvorov, a former Soviet military intelligence operative who defected to the United Kingdom in 1978, gained access to closed Soviet archives while doing a research paper at the Soviet Army Academy. Suvorov discovered that the Soviet version of World War II history is a lie and that it conceals the Soviet Union’s responsibility for starting the war. The Red Army in June 1941 was the largest, best equipped army in the history of the world. The German invasion of the Soviet Union was made to prevent the Soviets from conquering all of Europe.[5]

The Soviets also lied about the existence of homicidal gas chambers at Majdanek in Poland. A Soviet-Polish committee concluded in August 1944 that at least five homicidal gas chambers operated in Majdanek. The documents at Majdanek prove, however, that the gas chambers at Majdanek were built only for sanitary purposes such as delousing chambers.[6]

The Soviet archives have documented numerous criminal acts by the Soviet government. For example, the Soviet archives show that Stalin, Molotov and Lazar Kaganovich ordered the execution of 38,679 of their own army officers, poets, writers and other people in 1937 and 1938.

The documents in the Soviet archives provide irrefutable proof of the executions of Soviet citizens ordered by these Soviet leaders.[7]

The Soviet Union under Josef Stalin engaged in numerous additional criminal acts, including the mass murder of many millions of the Soviet Union’s own citizens. Destroying the documentation related to the transportation of Jews from the Aktion Reinhardt camps would have been extremely easy to accomplish and totally consistent with the criminal nature of the Soviet government.

The crimes of Stalin were swept under the carpet by the Allies. These included ethnic cleansing, slavery, massacres and forced relocation of peasants to “Siberia, the Urals, or Kazakhstan, where they were thrown out into the cold on the bare steppes.” Tens of millions either died or suffered horrific conditions under the rule of Stalin. Read more here.


Germar Rudolf reports an interesting case of a Jew transited to “the East” from Treblinka. Rudolf writes:

      Jean-Marie Boisdefeu has documented an interesting case he stumbled over while skimming Vad Vashem’s database of Holocaust victims. This case, too, is based on a memorial book published by government authorities, in this case of Germany. It concerns the Berlin Jew Siegmund Rothstein, born in 1867, who was first deported to the Theresienstadt Ghetto for elderly Jews in August 1942. Barely a month later, however, on September 26, he was deported to Treblinka at the age of 75. But that was not his end at all, because the German authorities found life signs of him further east, as they finally determined that Rothstein died in Minsk, the capital city of Belarus, some 240 miles (286 km) east of Treblinka. I doubt 75-year-old Mr. Rothstein jumped off the train prior to arriving at Treblinka and ran all the way to German-occupied Minsk. Hence, he must have traveled there by train. I also doubt that the German authorities reserved a train just for him or put just him on a military train going to Minsk. Rather, he must have made that journey on a deportation train together with hundreds or thousands of fellow deportees from Theresienstadt.

Boisdefeu states that none of the thousands of Jews deported from Theresienstadt is listed in the German memorial book as having been killed at Treblinka, but that they all are listed with a variety of different locations where they either died or were last heard of and then went missing.

This case, too, indicates that thousands of Jews seem to have been deported to “the East” with Treblinka as a transit station. As a result, Treblinka must indeed have had the logistics to temporarily house, feed and clean hundreds, if not thousands of individuals for short periods of time. Among other things, it most likely did have a very real shower facility for that very purpose.[8]


Germar Rduolf writes:

      As far as I know, no one has done any thorough, systematic research trying to locate more individual cases of Jews transited through Treblinka, Sobibór or Bełżec to other places using the data available in published sources, victim and witness databases, etc….Revisionists…have so far lacked the human, monetary, logistical and temporal resources to undertake such research on the grand scale it would require. So in this case as well, the evidence keeps deteriorating, as memories fade, documents decay and survivors die.”[9]


So we have at least one example of a Jew who survived Treblinka to be transited to “the East”. Hopefully, someone will do research to uncover more survivors of the Aktion Reinhardt camps who were transported to “the East”.



Holocaust historians frequently state that a mass of documentation would exist if Jews were transported from the Aktion Reinhardt camps to “the East”. Since such massive documentation doesn’t exist, they claim the Jews had to have been exterminated in the Aktion Reinhardt camps. These historians fail to acknowledge that the Soviet Union could have easily destroyed the documentation related to transports from the Aktion Reinhardt camps.

The evidence indicates that the Aktion Reinhardt camps were transit camps rather than extermination camps. The demographic studies, the numerous statements from Heinrich Himmler, the  reports of transfers of Jews from the Aktion Reinhardt camps to Auschwitz and Majdanek, the lack of credible forensic evidence that mass exterminations occurred at the camps, the photographic and engineering evidence, the impossibility of disposing of so many bodies in such a short period of time, the relative lack of secrecy and security in the camps, and the small size of the areas where the bodies were supposedly buried all indicate that the Aktion Reinhardt camps were transit camps.[10]

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