As discussed in ‘Reclaiming An American Hero: Bobby Fischer The Fearless Genius’, Bobby Fischer was widely criticized for his controversial statements outside of chess. For example, Dick and Jeremy Schaap questioned Fischer’s sanity, while Charles Krauthammer wrote that “he’s clearly a sick man.”[34] However, it would be more accurate to state that Fischer used his prodigious intellect to read widely and deeply to discover many of the lies that pervade our society. His exposure of the Holocaust hoax is especially praiseworthy. Bobby Fischer was truly an authentic American hero.


Bobby Fischer Against The World Movie Review

Bobby Fischer Against the World is an HBO documentary that portrays the life and times of chess genius Bobby Fischer.

What does the movie Bobby Fischer Against The World get factually correct?

  1. The movie does an excellent job of documenting the chess career of Bobby Fischer. Fischer started playing chess at age six and became serious about the game at age seven. There was nothing Fischer would rather do than play chess. Chess was Fischer’s passion.
  2. Fischer became the U.S. Chess Champion at age 14. He soon became a threat to the Soviet Union’s domination of chess. Fischer despised the Russians and called the Russians chess cheats.
  3. Fischer won an unheard of 20 games in a row against high-level grandmasters on his way to playing Boris Spassky for the World Chess Championship. Fischer almost didn’t make it to Iceland to play Spassky. A call from Henry Kissinger and the doubling of the prize money by millionaire James Slater finally got Fischer to Iceland.
  4. Once in Iceland Fischer had numerous complaints and forfeited the second game because he did not show up for the game. Spassky was a true gentleman throughout the match and allowed the match to continue. Fischer won the World Chess Championship 12 ½ to 8 ½ against Spassky. Fischer was world famous and a national hero.
  5. Fischer disappeared from public view and did not return to chess until 1992 when he played a rematch against Spassky in war-torn Yugoslavia. Fischer won this rematch and several million dollars in prize money. He again disappeared from public view after this match.

What in the movie Bobby Fischer Against The World is biased or factually incomplete?

Fischer’s controversial comments alarmed the establishment: “Democracy is just a load of bullshit. It’s just a cover for the criminal nature of the Jew-nited States of America.” Fischer also stated: “The United States is not going to be reasonable. It’s not going to admit it’s the bad guy, and it’s always been the bad guy. It was the bad guy in World War II, it was the bad guy in World War I…”


  1. The movie consistently makes Fischer out to be a paranoid conspiracy kook. For example, Fischer is said to be afraid of what both the Russians and the Israeli Mossad might do to him. The fact that Soviet and Mossad agents have attacked and killed people throughout the years is not mentioned in this documentary.
  2. The movie says that Bobby Fischer read and believed in the validity of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. U.S. chess grandmaster Larry Evans says in the movie that he told Fischer that the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion were a forgery, a hoax and anti-Semitic propaganda that even Hitler used. The movie never gives Fischer’s explanation of why he believed in the Protocols, much less someone else’s explanation why they might be valid.
  3. Russel Targ, who married Fischer’s sister Joan, said Fischer made numerous anti-Semitic comments in Targ’s home. Neither Targ nor anyone else in the movie makes any attempt to understand Fischer’s views concerning Jews.
  4. The movie says that Fischer was imprisoned in Japan in 2004 for alleged immigration violations. Nowhere in the movie is it explained that Fischer was not breaking any immigration laws when he was arrested. Fischer’s U.S. passport was still valid at the time of his arrest. The charges and imprisonment of Fischer in Japan were made for totally false and malicious reasons.
  5. Near the end of the movie, Dr. Kari Stefansson, an Icelandic neurologist, describes Fischer as a genius who had a psychiatric illness. Dr. Stefansson describes Fischer as obsessive and compulsive. As with the rest of the movie, there is no reasonable attempt to accurately portray Fischer’s views. Fischer is portrayed by Dr. Stefansson as an obsessive conspiracy kook who had a serious mental illness.


Below: As discussed in Chess Genius Bobby Fischer Was No Match For Fake News Media  Fischer was rarely given a fair hearing by the media. Instead Fischer encountered stunts and set-ups by the media. For example, Jeremy Schaap’s hit piece on Bobby Fischer includes a fine dramatic performance by Jeremy Schaap who made himself the story.




Wears War Movie Verdict For Bobby Fischer Against the World:


Thumbs Up for the presentation of Bobby Fischer’s chess career and genius.

Thumbs Down for the presentation of Bobby Fischer’s conspiracy views.      


Editor’s Comment: The following quote appeared in ‘Reclaiming An American Hero: Bobby Fischer The Fearless Genius’. It is an excellent summation of the targeted harassment designed to assassinate the character of anyone who contradicts the narrative.

Bobby Fischer was a blunt and outspoken individual, but a very interesting character. I do think his life is another example of how ones career and life can be wrecked by being critical of Jewish influence and domination in many areas. America and many western nations appear quite tolerant on free speech issues except to when it comes to pointing out bad behavior by Jews. I remember Bobby Fischer frequently being described in the press as mentally ill, looking back now it appears he was really fed up and angry.

What I’ve observed over the past few years, since becoming aware of just how the Zionists operate, is that they always use basically the same tactic against those they target as enemies — character assassination, sneaky underhanded pressure on employers to fire the target person, and pressure on the police and bureaucracy to investigate the person for anything at all that may be remotely classes as breaking some law or other. When they get a foothold, they use it as a base and enlarge it. For example, when David Irving was targeted, they used his expressed viewpoint to get him banned from one country after another. That he was banned in one country was used as leverage to get him banned in other countries. So I have no doubt that Bobby Fisher was targeted and smeared, as so many other prominent people who have spoken out on the Holocaust, or Jews in general, or Zionists, or Israel, have been smeared. Since we don’t know the facts, we can’t know the details of these smear jobs, which naturally sound plausible on the face of it — they are designed to sound plausible.

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Today is the 76th anniversary of Bobby Fischer’s birthday.