Why would a non-violent middle aged Canadian woman released from a German prison be advised to flee Germany immediately by train to return to Canada in 2018? Is this almost the same journey her father survived after being smuggled out of an Eisenhower death camp by an Allied soldier?

Monika’s father was a young German medical student marked for death by deliberate starvation post-WWII. He survived and earned, among many other awards, the Order of Canada in 1976 for service to Canadian, specifically Inuit, health programs and initiatives that saved countless lives. Monika, a violinist, was an active Green Party member. She also ran as a federal Green Party candidate in Alberta’s Yellowhead in 2006, 2008 and 2011.

Without even mentioning her brother Alfred’s plight, and worse, we can all envisage a Hollywood blockbuster thriller movie in the making. Any day now…


Before You Watch The Video Interview Linked Below, Note These Extracts From The Transcript Via Katana17:

Brian Ruhe from The Brian Ruhe Show interviewed on November 15, 2018 Monika Schaefer in her first appearance since being released from a German prison. Monika had served 10 months in jail for a five-minute YouTube video in which she gave a belated apology for berating her German mother for not doing something about the “Holocaust“.

Monika: …This judge in our case basically just told us that:

We proved every single day, what ‘haters’ we are!

Which was the most bizarre thing I’ve ever heard! And like I said, I was jubilantly telling my fellow prisoners, how:

Every single day they’re proving how they’re just defending lies!

They’re doing bizarre things. They’re not allowing evidence into court. They’re not allowing anything! Any of the request for proof, request for evidence, that we were submitting, that Alfred was submitting, or that I was submitting through my lawyer, or through his lawyer, or himself. They were just denying it! Just denying it, denying it!

No! We don’t need that! We don’t need that!

And they were also misinterpreting what was being requested, over and over, and over again. So it really was quite bizarre in that regard.

Schaefer family
Monika, her brother Alfred, and their father Otto Schaefer. Otto was a highly honored German-Canadian who most likely inspired Monika to value the compassionate principles of the Green Party to eliminate social injustice and environmental degradation.

Schaefer Otto


Monika: …[H]aving been released…. I thought it would be nice to spend a few weeks, or at least a few days, in Germany, after I was released, to visit with relatives….  Anyway, what happened is I had to flee. So I went from prisoner to fugitive! And it’s because I got indications and signals from several directions. This was not just one person telling me:

Gee Monika, we think it’s dangerous for you to stay in Germany.

This was several sources giving me the indication that it’s time to get out. I had to flee. So I went from being ten months in a prison cell… to suddenly having to flee!

One was my lawyer. He was the first one to say:

Look, don’t have a heart attack but you should leave as soon as possible.

…I would say that for several days, hour after hour, after hour, and through the night, I was travelling by trains to get out of Germany and not fly from Germany. That was the advice also. I was just on a really high level of tension…

…This brings us to the core of the German court system.

The German so-called “justice” system. You cannot defend yourself in a German court of law, because if you defend yourself, by speaking about the very things that you are in prison for, well then you are doing a “new” crime! Like the thing that they call a “crime”, the politically incorrect speech, whatever it is that they threw you in there for like what they threw me in for, was just for speaking, peaceful expression. Never did violence. Never promoted violence. Never did anything like that! Just peacefully talking about how I see the events of World War Two. And they are very different from what we have been taught. So if we defend ourselves in court by talking about those things we do “new” crime in their eyes!


You can watch the full interview on the following links:

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The full transcript for the interview is available on Katana17 here and has several interesting additions.

Update: Monika Schaefer discusses with Andrew Carrington Hitchcock more aspects of the bizarre trial and the plight of Alfred Schaefer, December 8, 2018.



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