Many fine men and women of various nationalities and professions, including senior military personnel, were openly appalled by the dispensation of normal military and/or criminal evidentiary processes expected in a trial. These people were highly respected and prominent in their field, at least until they spoke out against the Nuremberg trials.



William Lincoln Hart (February 5, 1867 – April 29, 1962) was a lawyer in the U.S. State of Ohio who served as a justice of the Supreme Court of Ohio. He taught law at university, and was president of the Ohio State Bar Association.

Justice of the Supreme Court of Ohio William L. Hart wrote:

      “In my judgement, the procedure by which the Nuremberg Tribunal was created and the criminal trials thereunder conducted, was completely fraught with illegality…

The designation and definition by the London Charter of the so-called crimes with which the defendants were charged, after such so-called offences were committed, clearly violated the well-established rule against ex post facto legislation in criminal matters. The generally accepted doctrine is expressed in the adage: “Nullum Crimen Sine Lege”—a person cannot be sentenced to punishment for a crime unless he had infringed a law in force at the time he committed the offense and unless that law prescribed that penalty. Courts in passing on this proposition had declared that: ‘It is to be observed that this maxim is not a limitation of sovereignty, but is a general principle of justice adhered to by all civilized nations.’

In my opinion, there was no legal justification for the trial, conviction or sentence of the so-called ‘war criminals’ by the Nuremberg Tribunal. We have set a bad precedent. It should not be allowed in the future.” (pages XVIII, XX).

Quote from the book Doenitz at Nuremberg: A Re-Appraisal edited by H. K. Thompson, Jr. and Henry Strutz, 2nd edition, Torrance, CA: Institute for Historical Review, 1993.

Kangaroo Courts and Stalinesque Show Trials are designed to AVOID normal military and/or criminal evidentiary processes expected in a trial. Censorship comes in many forms, the ‘color of law’, is but one.

Editor’s Comment: The Statute Of Limitations is a feature of Western Law going back to ancient Greece, a mere few thousand years.  Designed to thwart “professional accusers”, it generally, in today’s terms, does not apply to war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity. On this basis, Western nations still prosecute and persecute geriatric Germans well into their 90’s and more than 70 years after their alleged crimes. Furthermore, this is despite the fact their “guilt” as an entire ethnic group was “proved” in a series of illegal Show Trials.

So much for protection from “professional accusers”.

There has never been a significant effort to prosecute the mass-murderers of, for example, the Ukrainian people under Soviet occupation (perhaps because Jews were over-represented in master-minding the millions of deaths by state-forced starvation during the Holodomors and this distracts form the entire WWII narrative?). When will the people of the Ukraine learn there should be no statue of limitations for the genocide of their people? In fact they have a right to become “professional accusers”.

Screenshot_2018-08-29 Trump Ordered ICE to Deport a Wheelchair-Bound 95-Year-Old Man to Germany For Being a ‘Nazi_
Even so-called German prosecutors, the beneficiaries of decades of illegal Kangaroo courts and fabricated laws, stated “There is not enough evidence to prosecute him”.  Thereby proving Germans are political pawns  for sustained persecution by a historical narrative serving vested interests. Read & view video on Renegade Tribune.


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You are trapped within the webs of “self-evident truths” protected by the color of law and irrational fervor. You fear the social, economic and legal implications of being called a “Racist” or a “Nazi”.

The earliest known and defined “racists” were the Ukraine people who opposed Jewish-Bolsheviks conquering their lands and imposing Communism by violent oppression. These people had no issue with an ethnic group of a different color, they did not rise up against Sub-Saharan Africans nor MENA or even Chinese people… One might conclude the word “racism” was first defined as a slur against certain white Europeans struggling to defend their farms and families. Today most people think that “racists” and “Nazis” can only be non-Jewish-white-folks. This conveniently ends all objective discourse about history and current events.

holodomor news
These poor souls were coined as “Racists” for resisting a Communist takeover that even President Putin admitted was 80% plus Jewish dominated. There is always a historical context that needs to be objectively evaluated.

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The context and pretexts to ridicule anti-communists and ethnicity is increasing at a rapid rate. Below you will read the justification of color being used to remove private property rights from ordinary black and white citizens in South Africa. As in the Ukraine, China, Zimbabwe and other nations, starvation will result. That Germans suffered this treatment cannot be claimed as justified – especially if we examine the death toll of Communist subversion and occupation throughout the twentieth and twenty first centuries.
Genocide Watch continues, stating that:







germanys war revealed
Learn the truth, we may not be able to speak it freely and comfortably, but we will better understand our world today despite fake news. Order: Germany’s War; The Origins, Aftermath & Atrocities of WWII