Many fine men and women of various nationalities and professions, including senior military personnel, were openly appalled by the dispensation of normal military and/or criminal evidentiary processes expected in a trial. These people were highly respected and prominent in their field, at least until they spoke out against the Nuremberg trials.

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Were Rear Admiral Henry C. Flanagan’s words prescient? If not, why has the virtual criminalization of any form of Nationalism gone far beyond the “De-Nazification” of Germany? Today ‘nationalism’ is increasingly vilified in every European nation. Even in the nations that fought to destroy German nationalism in WWII.




Rear Admiral Henry C. Flanagan, U.S.N.

Commander, Transport Divisions, Pacific, World War II


      It goes without saying that the convening authorities of the War Crimes Tribunals had no jurisdiction over the places, persons, or alleged crimes involved in the War Crimes Trials at the times those crimes were alleged to have been committed. Those “War Crimes Tribunals” had the same legal status as a Kangaroo Court and conducted those trials with the same regard for justice as could be expected of a Kangaroo Court.

As regards the brutality aspect, just how a campaign of “mass slaughter,” which legalized war is, can be conducted without someone getting killed and others getting hurt is not apparent…The violations of so-called “humane warfare” by two opposing forces come close to balancing on the “brutality” scoreboard. Naturally, people behind the lines only get one side of the atrocity picture and they do all the publicizing.

From the armed services point of view, if the War Crimes Trials are to become a precedent to be followed in the future we had as well eliminate all national armed services. If a service man cannot carry out the policies and orders of his own government and the senior officers placed over him without running the risk of being tried by an illegally constituted tribunal and hanged by a foreign government, he is not likely to risk his neck very far in support of his own government.

The alternative would have to be International Armed Services and the elimination of all aspects of Nationalism, which appears to be exactly what the originators of the War Crimes Trials doctrine were striving for. Had the originators of the War Crimes Trials doctrine been in any degree motivated by justice and the desire to punish the perpetrators of extreme atrocities in time of war, they would have at least made some attempt to bring to trial hundreds of Russian officials for perpetrating the most heinous atrocities ever afflicted upon civilized peoples against the Poles and Germans and no doubt against all other peoples who have at any time been under Russian control.

The “War Crimes Trials” can only be justified by Marxist, Leninist, Stalinist and New Deal doctrines.

From the book Doenitz at Nuremberg: A Re-Appraisal edited by H. K. Thompson, Jr. and Henry Strutz, 2nd edition, Torrance, CA: Institute for Historical Review, 1993.


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Do you still believe Revolutions across the globe are organic? Then ponder the consistency of outcomes across extremely diverse nations, cultures and ethnic groups. Is it all a coincidence?

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These sample quotes are viciously disrespectful to the men who went to war to defeat German ‘Nazis’. How did their sacrifices to win WWII, at any cost, result in their memory and worth to be so disrespected that they are valued as less than a muskrat? Would they have fought if they knew of the dehumanizing hate speech and policies that would be unleashed on their sons and the memory of their forefathers; by the very people they believed they were liberating? Now consider the cradle-to-grave price they continue to pay and pay.



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