World War II has and continues to drastically shape our lives and nations. Meanwhile professional and academic historians are not revealing to you the full facts about WWII. What if many proven and documented facts about the origins, aftermath and atrocities of WWII were not being told to you? Could this information raise a few serious questions in your mind? Enough to get you sacked if you were a teacher or policy maker? Probably.

So stop reading this now, lest you be triggered into needing a safe space within which you can successfully function.


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Then welcome, dear reader to WearsWar. You have accepted the challenge to decide for yourself:

Was National Socialist Germany a uniquely barbaric, vile and criminal regime totally responsible for starting World War II and guilty of the most heinous war crimes in world history?

Is their guilt absolute?

Is there any room for doubt?

Was the horrific & sustained vengeance wrecked on the entire German population adequately acknowledged and justified?


Few books address WWII in such a unique way. Forget storming beaches and reciting battle dates ad nauseam. Germany’s War takes you first into the depths of warmongering  intrigue, infiltration and the incredible duplicity underlying the men behind the origins of WWII. Player by player you discover the cunning chess games played by Stalin, Roosevelt, Chamberlain, Churchill, Hitler and other national leaders.

You are then swept into the breathtaking aftermath …. the scale, coordination and severity will dispel any lingering doubts that this was not a planned war with premeditated outcomes. The return of open slavery in victorious democratic western nations will be the least of your moral concerns.

Was Germany innocent of all charges? No.

In the final section of Germany’s War which deals with the atrocities of WWII by all sides, you will determine for yourself if these atrocities have been treated equally or not. It is impossible to describe the impact on people when they are allowed to discover and weigh up the atrocities committed by all sides prior, during and post-WWII.

This is why History Teachers and Professors are too scared to read and teach this book.


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