Editors Comment: I am always fascinated to discover the person behind the books and articles I read. So often they surprise me. That inconspicuous person who quietly holds the door open when you have too many grocery bags in your arms could be David Irving, Ursula Haverbeck or John Wear who popped out to grab a few potatoes and a can of cat food. How can I tell if they are a genuine warrior defending historical fact? I can’t, because all the movies and magazines will ignore them until they become a serious threat. Only then will I see their faces and names in print. I now pay close attention to anyone vilified in mainstream media and research them – they could be someone very ordinary and very special.

For a general introduction and some context read the brief About Author John Wear first. (You will meet Bad Kitty – Another Rebel Accountant!)

Ernst & Ingrid Zündel Together Again In Peace

A Personal Conversation With Author John Wear

Editor: John we are possibly going to do a series of personal conversations over the coming months so I thought we’d start with an obvious question. When did you get interested in WW2?

John: History was my favorite subject in school; I have always been interested in history. I became interested in revisionist history regarding World War II around 1990. I began reading material that disputed the official Holocaust story and the origins of World War II. I started subscribing to the Journal of Historical Review in the early 1990s and have read almost all of their articles. From August 1995 to around the end of 1998 I spent most of my spare time reading about the so-called Holocaust. Ultimately, I think the Holocaust story is a boring subject, but the truth about the so-called Holocaust needs to be brought to the public’s attention.


Editor: While many of us are extremely curious about the Holy Holocaust and 6 million figure I can understand your loss of interest over the years. If only because your work reveals so many more horrendous lies and systematic atrocities carried out on a far greater scale – especially after the war in a time of “peace”. Being a few years younger than you, I am of a generation that learned more about the Holocaust at school than my own history. Many of us are questioning why?

Moving on.

We are now not only mourning the loss of Ernst Zundel but now his wonderful wife Ingrid. I know you have tremendous admiration for Ernst, how did you discover him and his work?

John: Ernst Zündel was extremely well known to anyone who studied the Holocaust story. I read the book “Did Six Million Really Die?” concerning Zündel’s 1988 trial shortly after this book was published in 1992. I began subscribing to  Zündel’s newsletter “Power” in the mid-1990s. A couple of friends of mine know about Ernst Zündel, but I did not tell anyone in my family because they would have no interest.

When I traveled to Toronto, Canada in 1998 with my identical twin brother, I drove by Ernst Zündel’s house because I wanted to see where Zündel lived. It took me three trips around the block before I realized that Ernst Zündel’s house did not have a street number in front of it. I do not know what his neighbors thought of this strange vehicle going back and forth! Apparently Zündel had taken down the street number in front of his house so that potentially hostile forces would not know which house was his.

I am grateful that on Wears War we can and will continue to remember and honor Ernst and his wife Ingrid. Like Bobby Fischer, these are “Warriors of History” and it is gratifying to reclaim them and others, as heros and heroines in our ongoing series of articles.


Editor: What inspired the commitment to write Germany’s War? There are other revisionist books but you took a very special approach – not only in your unusual structure of the book and inclusion of Japan, but also in your quest to be extremely objective.

John: I have a disease called chronic fatigue syndrome and have not worked since 2008. After settling my ERISA disability claim out of court in June 2011, I decided to write my book “Germany’s War”. In the spring of 2013 my body shut down as I had been working too hard on my book. On April 20, 2013 (Adolf Hitler’s birthday), I had a meeting with a highly intuitive friend in Dallas who strongly encouraged me to finish my book. She also encouraged me to add the story that appears in the last two paragraphs of Chapter Five on page 246 of my book. I later had 10 90-minute sessions of hyperbaric oxygen therapy which revitalized me and allowed me to finish my book.

In regard to the structure of my book, Chapter One documents that Josef Stalin was preparing to invade Germany and then march through the rest of Europe. Hitler saved Europe from being enveloped by Stalin’s special brand of communism. This is one of the most important points of my book, as it reveals the Soviet Union rather than Germany as being the primary aggressor nation in the war. I also show that the United States and Great Britain had wanted war with Germany. I consider the Soviet Union, the United States, and Great Britain as being the three nations primarily responsible for starting and prolonging World War II.

I do mention crimes that Germany committed in Chapters Nine and Ten of my book to make my book more balanced. While my book is definitely written from Germany’s point of view, I mention crimes such as illegal medical experimentation in the German concentration camps and the German euthanasia program.


Editor: I believe that one of the many reasons we work well together is that we both believe it is important to honestly acknowledge and recognize the suffering of all people before, during and after WWII without fear or favor. It can’t be understated how much I respect that about your work.

I would like to discuss your illness further in follow up question below. First, may I ask, since the Holocaust is not your key area of interest, do you have a particular area of study you are most interested in? Why?

John: The origins, aftermath, and atrocities of World War II have always been a favorite area of study. This is exactly what I write about in my book “Germany’s War”. I also have an interest in the history of science.

I greatly admire the German physicist Werner Heisenberg. Not only was he a great theoretical physicist, but he was an extremely fine person as well. I might write more about Werner Heisenberg in the future.


Editor: OK, now I understand the recent article that featured Werner Heisenberg, Stealing Minds, Breaking Spirits: The Life of Anti-Nazi German Scientists Post WWII. I confess it was one of those articles that on first read was kinda interesting… however it haunted me a few nights. That is why I chose the very dark cover image for it. I woke up several times thinking “This is how they ground down the mental state of brilliant Germans who were never pro-Nazi, why? Why would every ethnic German be punished and broken in spirit? Who could finance and format such a sustained and systemic assault on an entire population without distinction? Why would they do this when the entire continent was trying to recover?” That article really affected me.

Moving on.

Editor: I would like to know more about you condition. What is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? How has it affected you? I confess to a very selfish reason for asking – I hope you stay strong and can keep writing. You put an unusual twist on many aspects of WWII, not the least being writing an article like: Hitler’s Euthanasia Program Proves No Holocaust. I experienced a significant “Wait…What?!?!” moment when I received it.

John: Thank you. I would like to highlight Chronic Fatigue Syndrome also known as CFS in the hope it helps others. I have written an article based on my personal experience and research. Should we include it?


Editor: YES we should!!

Dear reader continue reading in Wear’s Personal War With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome CFS. I believe this article should stand on its own. I hope it may be shared widely to help other sufferers and their families. If you need any proof that it is not a fictional illness then John Wear is your man. John did not want to stop working and in fact never has despite his condition. His article raises a very serious question –  Is CFS a man-made disease? 

We hope you enjoyed WearsWar Fireside Chat #2: A Personal Conversation With Author John Wear. I look forward to posting future conversations with John soon.


God Bless