There is an invisible line some individuals unwittingly cross. From that day on their lives are forever changed. Professor of African History Dr Tony Martin was one such individual. Dr Martin’s interest was in the Atlantic slave trade, not in World War II.

One day he discovered a book about the role of Jews in the Atlantic slave trade written by a Jew. Since Dr Martin sought to present history in accordance with the facts to his students, he presented the book in one of his African Studies classes. However, these facts offended Jewish interests and for that Dr Martin paid a heavy price for the rest of his life




The now deceased Dr Tony Martin was an impressive, humorous and dignified gentleman. He was a credit to himself, his profession and to humanity. His only crime was to resist being told not to present the book to his students. Dr Martin’s spirit and dignified defiance provides us all with an exceptional insight into the quality of character our Historian Warriors possess.

The following video of Dr Martin’s experience and victories over Jewish oppression is both illuminating and entertaining. Most fascinating is that it was recorded at a conference conducted by the Institute for Historical Review including David Irving. Like David Irving, Dr Martin is truly one of our Historian Warriors.

Dr Tony Martin Jewish Tactics In The Controversy Over Jewish Involvement in The Slave Trade 57:27 minutes.

Rest In Peace Dr Martin.

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