We all know the old weary joke (pun unintended): “How do you know when a politician is lying? “Because his lips are moving!!” Yet for some reason, their lips do not stop moving and we do not stop going to war for them again and again. Why?

In 1996 the world was stunned when Secretary of State Madeleine Albright failed to dispute the death toll of 567,000 Iraqi children under the age of five as a result of sanctions. Over half a million babies and toddlers had died, most needlessly suffering as they died. Then Albright continued talking and stated;

“we think the price is worth it”.

Most of us wondered how a human being, an actual mother, could ever coldly say such a thing? However, barely seven years later, America invaded Iraq even though Iraq was not slandered as ‘guilty’ for 9/11. President Bush had successfully rattled the sabres for war to save Planet Earth and Life As We Know It, from the weapons of mass destruction and the “Axis of Evil”. Only to openly admit four years later there were no weapons of mass destruction.

The consequences have been tremendous and are growing exponentially day by day, almost like a chain reaction that cannot cease. The infamous “Seven Countries in Five Years” war memo continues to be played out before our eyes; consider all that was unleashed on those countries and yet not one declared war on America. Now millions of young MENA males, who since birth have only ever known war, are flooding into Europe and other ‘wealthy’ developed nations, except Israel.

Why? Why did “We the People” fall for this? How did we become the means of our own undoing? How do we correct this if we do not even know our own recent history? Can we really trust the likes of President Bush or Madeleine Albright to inform the public record accurately ?

Without a true detailed knowledge of our own history all our learning becomes as useful as a ship at sea without a rudder and a toddler at the wheel. We are unable to navigate without a clear context and depth of experience. We know this because Communism and “liberation” of a nation always seems to demand the destruction of that nation’s historical archives, cultural and social institutions, and the standing of the wise old guys. That is very telling; they have to smash our oral and written history.

One of the greatest threats to our white developed nations today has been and continues to be the complete failure to understand WWII.

The lies, liars and grossly distorted narratives of WWII are critical to today’s events in our lives:

  1. Your personal taxes are directed by the outcomes of WWII – you should know how, why and how-much; then you too can decide if it is “worth it” like Madeleine Albright. Who miraculously found out she was related to Holocaust victims after the MSM revealed her mother’s secret. Madeleine’s family are Jews who suffered extermination at the hands of Hitler; decades later she rose up and became the US Secretary of State (cue new Steven Spielberg movie portraying Maddy as the victim and half a million Iraqi toddlers as evil little Hitlers).
  2. An honest account of WWII is the most crucial component to build the rudder we each need to navigate today’s events with a very clear eye on future consequences.

In chapter 2, FDR & America’s Second Crusade, John Wear demands of his reader the ability to follow Roosevelt’s shocking chess match with the American people, Germany and Japan spanning years. Reading this chapter is one of the best self-defense strategies you can employ in less than two hours. John Wear presents you with the historical facts hidden from view and pushes you into a zone of reflection. The shackles of propaganda keep cracking with each page you turn. Even for those previously informed you will rush to the chapter’s 112 footnotes for more because the detail is so extensive and the Devil’s Deceivers shall be known.

FDR Mason.jpg

Germany’s War: The Origins, Aftermath & Atrocities of WWII

Chapter 2: FDR and America’s Second Crusade – Extract

“Roosevelt’s attitude towards Stalin is remarkable… Davies reported to President Roosevelt on April 1, 1938 that the terror in Russia was a “horrifying fact”. Davies complained of the gigantic Soviet expenditures for defence, totalling approximately 25% of the Soviet Union’s total income in 1937.” p. 62

“Roosevelt was fully aware of the slave-labor system, the liquidation of the Kulaks, the man-made famine, the extreme poverty and backwardness, and the extensive system of espionage and terror that existed in the Soviet Union. However… Roosevelt sang the praises of a regime that recognized no civil liberties whatsoever. Roosevelt even stated that Stalin’s regime was at the forefront of “peace and democracy in the world.” p. 63

The Secret Polish Documents p. 64 – 73

The German seized a mass of documents from the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs when they invaded Warsaw in Late September 1939…. These documents clearly establish Roosevelt’s crucials role in planning and instigating World War II. They also reveal the forces behind President Roosevelt that pushed for war. p.64

Roosevelt Wants The U.S. At War With Germany p. 80 – 90

The first wartime meeting between Roosevelt and Churchill began on August 9, 1941, in a conference at the harbor of Argentia in Newfoundland. The principal result of this conference was the signing of the Atlantic Charter on August 14, 1941. Roosevelt repeated to Churchill during this conference his predilection for an undeclared war, saying,

“I may never declare war; I may make war. If I were to ask Congress to declare war, they might argue about it for three months.” p. 87

“Even full-page advertisements entitled “Stop Hitler Now” inserted in major American newspapers by Roosevelt’s supporters had failed to sway the American public… Roosevelt was forced to use the back door to obtain a declared war against Germany…p. 90

Roosevelt Uses Japan As A Back Door To War p. 90 – 97

Provoking Japan into an overt act of war was the principal policy that guided Roosevelt’s actions towards Japan through 1941… McCollum’s eight-action memorandum was approved by Roosevelt’s most trusted military advisers. Roosevelt’s “fingerprints” can be found on each of the provocations found in the memorandum. p. 92 -93

Japan attacked Pearl Harbour on Dec. 7, 1941, as a result… Roosevelt and his administration had finally forced Japan to attack the United States. The American public would now enthusiastically support all-out war with Japan. p. 97

Germany Declares War On The United States p. 97 – 100

Hitler had ignored or downplayed the numerous provocations that Roosevelt had made against Germany. Even after Roosevelt issued orders to shoot-on-sight at German submarines, Hitler had ordered his naval commanders and air force to avoid incidents that Roosevelt might use to bring America into the war… Hitler’s decision to stay out of war with the United States was made more difficult on Dec. 4, 1941, when the Chicago Tribune carried in huge black letters the headline: F.D.R.’s WAR PLANS!… a verbatim copy of Rainbow Five, the top secret war plan drawn up at Roosevelt’s request… Rainbow Five called for the creation of a 10-million-man army… p, 98.



“On Dec. 9, 1941, Roosevelt made a radio address to the nation that is seldom mentioned in the history books. In addition to numerous uncomplimentary remarks about Hitler and Nazism, Roosevelt accused Hitler of urging Japan to attack the United States…

“We know that Germany and Japan are conducting their military operations with a joint plan”….

Germany and Japan did not have a joint naval plan before Pearl Harbor, and never concocted one for the rest of the war.” p. 99

“No nation has ever been led into war with as many soothing promises of peace as the American public received from President Roosevelt.” p. 101


Discover the entire sordid story here.