Nuremberg Farce – Quote of the Week 08/14

      Germany’s War documents on pp. 360-365 quotes from U.S. Supreme Court justices, U.S. Senators, U.S. Congressmen and many other people indicating that the Allied postwar trials were a travesty of justice. These quotes represent only a small sample of people who either expressed outrage or admitted to the fraudulent nature of these trials.

This section will add a quote every week indicating the farcical nature of these trials. We will begin with an amazing quote from Benjamin Ferencz, the Chief Prosecutor of the Einsatzgruppen trials, who explains how he got a forced confession from an SS colonel:

“What do you do when he thinks he’s still in charge? I’ve got to show him that I’m in charge. All I’ve got to do is squeeze the trigger and mark it as auf der Flucht erschossen [shot while trying to escape]…I said “you are in a filthy uniform sir, take it off!” I stripped him naked and threw his clothes out the window. He stood there naked for half an hour, covering his balls with his hands, not looking nearly like the SS officer he was reported to be.

Then I said “now listen, you and I are gonna have an understanding right now. I am a Jew—I would love to kill you and mark you down as auf der Flucht erschossen, but I’m gonna do what you would never do. You are gonna sit down and write out exactly what happened—when you entered the camp, who was there, how many died, why they died, everything else about it. Or, you don’t have to do that—you are under no obligation—you can write a note of five lines to your wife, and I will try to deliver it…” [Ferencz gets the desired statement and continues:] I then went to someone outside and said “Major, I got this affidavit, but I’m not gonna use it—it is a coerced confession. I want you to go in, be nice to him, and have him re-write it.” The second one seemed to be okay—I told him to keep the second one and destroy the first one. That was it.”

(Source: Jardim, Tomaz, The Mauthausen Trial, Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2012, pp. 82-83).

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