A Tragic Forbidden Tale. Well Told by Author Wear

5 Stars

I’m an avid reader but not one to do reviews of the books I read. In fact, like many, I ordered this book through American Free Press website before it recently came out on amazon. I felt compelled to make the effort to recommend Wear’s book and to give it 5 stars on amazon as the information was so overwhelming and important.

Everything we have been fed on World War II is back to front, is a lie i.e. it’s Orwellianspeak. This book needs to be read. The most interesting part for me personally was the first-hand accounts of Americans who witnessed the intentional starvation and disgraceful mistreatment of the German POWs in order to cause their deliberate deaths.

The order to starve these ordinary soldiers who were simply called up to do their duty to their country just like American and British soldiers, came directly from war criminal Eisenhower. The U.S. camp attendants and cooks were forbidden to feed them. Women from the German community who tried to feed these desperate prisoners were also forbidden and were even shot at. There was no medical help, no shelter from the freezing weather at all and the prisoners had to dig holes in the ground. Instead of being released after the war, these unfortunates were kept behind barbed wire, completely exposed to the elements, with the deliberate intent to mass murder. It is estimated that perhaps 1,000,000 inmates, maybe more, died through starvation and neglect resulting in dysentery etc.

Something else new to me was that between 12 million and 18 million ethnic German civilians in particular women and children, were intentionally forcibly expelled AFTER the war from their homes/homelands by the Allies without notice, in what was probably the ‘greatest single movement of people – in human history”. It is estimated that approximately 2.1 million of these expellees, mostly women and children, ‘died in what was supposed to be an :orderly and humane” expulsion. This sort of historical fact has been kept under cover for far too long.

A tragic tale but well told by Wear. I personally liked the methodical organization of the book and Wear’s writing style.


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